Health care. To those of us in the industry, the term implies many complexities. For patients, the issues may be complex, but the questions are simple: “How can I get well? And how can I stay well?” Everyone has a personal story—and his or her own challenges —when it comes to the complexity of the health care system. Yet, we know that such challenges are better addressed when patient health records can be accessed and shared quickly, easily and securely across settings of care.

This is exactly what CommonWell has set out to achieve.

The benefits of CommonWell services may not be immediately visible from the outside, but so much of what we do is focused on the patient. By making health records accessible to everyone who needs them, when they need them, we enable better medical decisions, help coordinate care between providers, and promote higher levels of health. Every time I think of the friends and family members who could be touched by the benefits of CommonWell, I’m reminded of why we’re here in the first place: to make lives better through the amazing work we are collectively doing.

If you’re curious about what we’re aiming to achieve, watch the CommonWell Meet Susan video. “Susan” is representative of all of us, as patients. We all have a Susan in our lives who is traversing the health care system, whether it’s ourselves or someone we care for. The next time you or a family member are at a doctor’s office, filling out the same medical history information you’ve filled out countless times before or telling your story for the forth time, remember the Meet Susan video. CommonWell could help create a different kind of health care experience: one where patients and providers have the information they need, when they need it, to make the best health care decisions.

I’m proud to be a part of CommonWell. Slowly but surely, we’re making tangible progress toward achieving our mission. We’ve brought together vendors, defined standards, and launched true interoperability services – a feat few thought was possible.

If someone you know is grappling with the complexity of the health care system, feel free to spread the word about CommonWell and show them the Meet Susan video. Link to the video from your e-mails, blogs, and social media pages. Or, play it from your laptop when you’re talking to someone in person. We all know a “Susan” and through her, we can relate to what CommonWell is aiming to achieve.

Kelly Leo
Sr. Marketing Manager, RelayHealth and Member of CommonWell Health Alliance Marketing Committee