CommonWell is driving health data exchange to help improve care coordination and health outcomes nationwide.

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Health IT vendors, provider organizations and government agencies all have key roles in improving data exchange.


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CommonWell Services allow disparate IT systems and venues of care to share health data.


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Thousands of health care providers and organizations nationwide are using CommonWell Services every day.


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“Gathering, organizing, and filing paper records has become a natural part of life for many living with chronic illness and disease. Naturally, I was thrilled when I found OneRecord and learned that I’d be able to create my own consolidated health record digitally, pulling my data from health providers across the nation, including those connected to the CommonWell Health Alliance network.

It is incredible to have the ability to log in and have access to records from multiple care sites available to add to my personal health record in minutes. I’ve never been able to access my health data with the click of a few buttons. I believe this ability is game-changing, not only for me, but for others like me moving forward.”

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We at CommonWell love to hear what our members and their executives think the future of interoperability has in store. Tune into CommonWell TV to watch interviews with more than 30 health IT industry experts as they share their thoughts both on what they are focused on today and where the industry is going in regards to in regards to driving health data exchange.

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What’s Happening

CommonWell Evolves to Enable Payer Access to Nationwide Network

October 21, 2020

CommonWell Health Alliance® today announced it is extending its interoperability services to enable additional use cases beyond treatment and patient access, starting with Payment and Health Care Operations data requests.

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CommonWell TV 2022: Data Quality & Its Role in Health Equity

May 10, 2022

Why is data quality critical, not just to improve data exchange, but to improve equity in health care? Read insights from CommonWell member executives and experts in Health IT in our newest blog.
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CommonWell Executive Director Presenting at ViVE & HIMSS22

March 2022

CommonWell and many of its members are looking forward to ViVE & HIMSS22. Check out where you can hear Executive Director Paul Wilder speak on all things interop!

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