CommonWell is driving health data exchange to help improve care coordination and health outcomes nationwide.

How to Participate

Health IT vendors, provider organizations and government agencies all have key roles in improving data exchange.

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CommonWell Services allow disparate IT systems and venues of care to share health data.

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Thousands of health care providers and organizations nationwide are using CommonWell Services every day.

About CommonWell & TEFCA

The TEFCA Roadmap for QHINs is in many ways based on how CommonWell already does business today. CommonWell has been building and scaling a nationwide health data exchange network using a highly-efficient Record Locator Service since 2013.

Learn why CommonWell is more than ready to support TEFCA and help it succeed in creating nationwide connected care.

The CommonWell Record Locator Service

CommonWell, the Record Locator Service and Tefca

How the Record Locator Service Works & Why It Matters

CommonWell has developed a Record Locator Service – or RLS – which is how patient data is located within the network and shared with providers, patients and other authorized users. The scope and efficiency of the RLS will be critical as we pursue QHIN status as part of The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement.

What’s Happening

CommonWell Designated as Qualified Health Information Network in Natural Next Step to Advance Nationwide Interoperability

Febbruary 12, 2024

CommonWell has officially been recognized as a Qualified Health Information Network. As a QHIN, CommonWell Health Alliance will continue to work closely with health care providers, payers, technology vendors, and other stakeholders to facilitate secure and efficient data exchange across the healthcare ecosystem.

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FOUR Reasons to Sponsor the CommonWell Fall Summit

July 18, 2024

Sponsoring the CommonWell Fall Summit is a strategic move for any company looking to make an impact in the healthcare industry. Here are the top four reasons you should consider sponsoring this exciting event.

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CommonWell Executive Director Presenting at AMIA

September 2022

CommonWell and many of its members are looking forward to the AMIA Webinar. Check out where you can hear Executive Director Paul Wilder speak on all things interoperable!

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