CommonWell is driving health data exchange to help improve care coordination and health outcomes nationwide.

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Health IT vendors, provider organizations and government agencies all have key roles in improving data exchange.


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CommonWell Services allow disparate IT systems and venues of care to share health data.


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Thousands of health care providers and organizations nationwide are using CommonWell Services every day.


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“The first time I was able to access my data through CommonWell, a sense of relief came over me. I clicked a button, and within minutes, I had a record waiting for me. It was a large document from my primary care physician…

It was incredible and reassuring to see all this data flow into the right hands, and I could feel the power it contained.

What used to take hours of phone calls, trips to doctors’ offices, and lots of paper, happened in just minutes as I watched on my laptop’s screen.”

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Join CommonWell at HIMSS20

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March 9-13, Orlando, FL

CommonWell is proud to once again be a HIMSS20 Collaborator. Join us as we participate in our 8th annual HIMSS in Orlando, March 9-13.

From education sessions to demonstrations, you can learn more about CommonWell while networking with our more than 40 members also in attendance. CommonWell, along with eight of our deploying member companies, will be showcasing our interoperability services in action in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ Nationwide Connected Care use case.

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What’s Happening

Replete® Brings Consumers One-Click Access to their Health and Care Data, Partners with CommonWell Health Alliance® to provide access to the consumer’s data

Feb 20, 2020

CommonWell Service Adopter Replete® today announced its launch into the health-tech market with a first-of-its-kind mobile application that will allow consumers to access their health data via the CommonWell network as well as help consumers track and maintain their health goals.

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HIMSS: The Highs, Lows and Everything in Between

February 25, 2020

With HIMSS kicking off in two weeks, we can already feel the excitement building among our members and us at CommonWell. Let’s face it, it’s basically like Comicon for HIT fanatics. But the reality is, it can be a bit taxing for even the most seasoned HIT professional. Whether you’re a newbie or a HIMSS veteran, we thought a few of these GIFS might resonate with you too.

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Where CommonWell is Presenting in 2020

March, 2020

Check out where you can hear our new Executive Director, Paul Wilder, share his perspective on interoperability and the role CommonWell is playing to break down data silos.

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