CommonWell is driving health data exchange to help improve care coordination and health outcomes nationwide.

How to Participate

Health IT vendors, provider organizations and government agencies all have key roles in improving data exchange.


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CommonWell Services allow disparate IT systems and venues of care to share health data.


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Thousands of health care providers and organizations nationwide are using CommonWell Services every day.


The Patient’s Perspective

For the Patient

“The first time I was able to access my data through CommonWell, a sense of relief came over me. I clicked a button, and within minutes, I had a record waiting for me. It was a large document from my primary care physician…

It was incredible and reassuring to see all this data flow into the right hands, and I could feel the power it contained.

What used to take hours of phone calls, trips to doctors’ offices, and lots of paper, happened in just minutes as I watched on my laptop’s screen.”

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What’s Happening

CommonWell Health Alliances Announces New Executive Director

Dec 10, 2019

Today, CommonWell Health Alliance announced Paul L. Wilder as its new executive director.

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A New Chapter Begins!

Dec 10, 2019

In his first blog, new CommonWell Executive Director Paul L. Wilder shares why this role is so important to him and how he sees his role at CommonWell unfolding.

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A Conversation with Mosaic Life Care

November 06, 2019

Mosaic Life Care provides a real-life look at how CommonWell benefits their organization.

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