CommonWell Connected Products

Access to a patient’s health history is crucial for clinicians to provide the best care possible, helping to improve care coordination, reduce redundant tests and inform the provider’s treatment plan.

To help drive that access, CommonWell has developed a suite of interoperability services with APIs that health IT vendors can embed directly into their software – enabling them to be CommonWell Connected. In turn, those vendors’ clients – ranging from large hospital systems to home care providers and primary care physician offices – using a CommonWell Connected product can share health information across disparate health systems, geographies and software systems, all via the CommonWell nationwide network.

To be designated as an approved CommonWell Connected product, it must be:

  • Certified by CommonWell
  • Generally available through an active member
  • Live on the CommonWell network

For more information on how to access or adopt CommonWell Services, select the setting of care you are interested in, and then the linked product name in the below section.