CommonWell Committees

CommonWell is governed by the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the overall governance and direction of the Alliance and is advised by eight member-led committees. Each of these Committees has representatives from Member organizations and is open to all CommonWell Members, with the exception of the Operating Committee.

Operating – Paul Wilder, CommonWell

To support the Alliance Board of Directors and respective Committees in maintaining oversight of the Alliance’s objectives and key initiatives.  Primarily consists of the Chairs of each of the other Committees.

Deployment & Utilization – Jonathan Oladitan, Cerner

To advance the growth and rapid adoption of CommonWell Health Alliance services among CommonWell members and their customers, by providing network usage reporting, recommending best practice guidance, and addressing barriers to network growth.

Government Affairs – Katelyn Fontaine, MEDITECH

To promote and protect the vision and mission of CommonWell by educating policy makers and shaping public policy, ensuring that health IT interoperability policy is informed by the reality of not just what is theoretically possible, but what CommonWell and its members are actually achieving, and by monitoring relevant policy development to guide Alliance strategy.

Marketing – Reed Campbell, Health Gorilla and Tina Feldmann, Kno2

To establish the CommonWell Health Alliance brand, inspire the health care industry that interoperability is possible, and influence new membership and end user adoption through coordinated, creative and motivating marketing.

Membership – Jitin Asnaani, Bamboo Health

To establish CommonWell as the preeminent health care interoperability organization and network, in order to ensure that CommonWell has the best chance of success for attracting and retaining new members and adopters.

Privacy & Security – Jennifer Blumenthal, OneRecord

To define, document and recommend data privacy and security policies, procedures and practices for the CommonWell Network, to further better: compliance with applicable industry standards and regulations, and applicable law; management of privacy or security incidents related to the CommonWell Network; and management and mitigation of operational risks and other issues critical to the CommonWell vision.

Standards, Technology & Implementation Group (STIG) – Jason Vogt, MEDITECH

To develop the functionality needed to deliver on the Alliance’s vision.

Use Case – Mike Warner, Cerner

To identify, define and prioritize business requirements to support new and enhanced capabilities for CommonWell core services; capture new business proposals into a reusable template and to prioritize the work within the committee; and identify new use case and process ideas which should be evaluated.