About CommonWell

We believe, above all else, that health IT must be inherently interoperable in order to work.

Our Vision

CommonWell Health Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association devoted to the simple vision that health data should be available to individuals and caregivers regardless of where care occurs. Additionally, access to this data must be built into health IT at a reasonable cost for use by a broad range of health care providers and the people they serve.

Our Mission

At CommonWell, together with our service provider and members, we have created and deployed a vendor-neutral platform that breaks down the technological and process barriers that inhibit effective health data exchange. We aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel; rather, we are leveraging existing standards and policies in order to enable scalable, secure and reliable interoperability as easily as possible for our members and their customers across the nation.

Our Story

CommonWell was founded in 2013 by a handful of health IT companies committed to helping solve the longstanding problem of interoperability in the health care industry. Traditionally competitors, these seven companies set aside their differences to focus on this simple vision.

The Alliance now has a diverse mix of member companies, ranging from health care organizations and not-for-profits to EHR companies and data exchange vendors. CommonWell members have deployed CommonWell services in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., and thousands of provider sites are utilizing these services daily.

While the vision for ubiquitous health data interoperability is simple, the solution is complex. CommonWell continues to work with its members and service providers as well as industry and government leaders to drive new innovations to make health data more accessible, with the ultimate aim of improving health outcomes.

Why This Matters

Meet Susan. Susan is a mom, a daughter, a co-worker…a cancer survivor. Her health history is long and complex. Just over the course of her cancer treatment, she saw eight different physicians, underwent numerous lab tests and visited more than 50 care providers, both near home and halfway across the country.  Her story is not uncommon.

Watch Susan’s story and see how CommonWell and our members are working together to help people like Susan and her providers get better access to her health records and better coordinate her care.

Frequently Asked Questions

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