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For the Patient

How many times have you gone to a new doctor only to find that you had to recall your past surgeries, illnesses and medications because your previous health records were not available to your doctor?

At CommonWell Health Alliance, we’re changing that. We believe that your health data should be available to you and your care providers, regardless of where care was given.

How Our Services Help

Together, with our service provider and the health information technology companies that provide software to many of your health care providers, we have created a nationwide network and service to do just that.

Allows your doctors to better coordinate your care

Different doctors – primary care providers, specialists, care managers and more – will have more secure, near instant access to your health information. This includes health facilities you may visit near your home, as well as any you may visit while traveling in the U.S.

Helps you get more informed care

With less time wasted tracking down your test results and other health information, your health care providers can spend more time focused on your care.

Supports you in case of emergency

There may be a time when you don’t have the ability to gather or share your health information. Medical staff could immediately access your allergies, medications and health problems, helping them care for you without delay.

The Patient’s Perspective

“Gathering, organizing, and filing paper records has become a natural part of life for many living with chronic illness and disease. Naturally, I was thrilled when I found OneRecord and learned that I’d be able to create my own consolidated health record digitally, pulling my data from health providers across the nation, including those connected to the CommonWell Health Alliance network.

It is incredible to have the ability to log in and have access to records from multiple care sites available to add to my personal health record in minutes. I’ve never been able to access my health data with the click of a few buttons. I believe this ability is game-changing, not only for me, but for others like me moving forward.”

Read Allie’s Story

Get Connected

It’s quick, easy and free. At your participating doctor, simply ask to be enrolled in CommonWell services and then confirm the other participating providers you see.

Some of our Service Adopters also have options for you to access your own CommonWell-available records directly from a patient portal, consumer application or personal health record (PHR)! Click of any of the member logos below to see how you can Get Connected!


Provider Resources for Patients

Patient Benefits and Services Overview

Flier available for practitioners to provide their patients.


Patient Enrollment

Poster available for practitioners to post in their practice to encourage patient enrollment.


Patient Participation Brochure

Flier available for practitioners to provide their patients regarding participation options.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions,  visit our FAQ page.

How can people find out if their provider uses CommonWell services?2023-03-27T14:25:13-05:00

A list of many CommonWell-enabled provider sites can be found on our Who is Connected page, but we encourage you to also ask your health care provider to find out if they are connected to the CommonWell Network.

Can a person access their health records shared via the CommonWell network?2023-03-28T09:03:14-05:00

Some of our CommonWell Service Adopters have options for individuals to access their own CommonWell-available records directly from a certified patient portal, consumer application or personal health record (PHR). Visit to learn more.

I see my provider on the list of CommonWell Connected providers. Why can’t I see my health data from those providers when I use one of your Service Adopters’ certified applications?2023-03-27T14:27:04-05:00

While all providers are required to have a method to electronically share an individual’s patient records, they may not have chosen to use CommonWell services for this purpose. CommonWell Connected providers must opt into releasing records to patients using CommonWell services. If you are not seeing your health data from your listed provider, we encourage you to speak to your provider and ask them how you can access the health data they have on you and whether they plan to offer access via the CommonWell network and partners.

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