Membership Information

The Alliance is open to all organizations who are aligned in our vision to make health data accessible, helping to improve care coordination and health outcomes. Members today range from health systems to non-profits, government agencies to health IT vendors and much more.

Alliance Membership

CommonWell membership begins as either a General Member, interested in actively participating in CommonWell activities and committees, or as a Contributor Member, who in addition to active participation, also intends to offer CommonWell Services.

Contributor Members

Contributor Members are obliged to become Service Adopters. Through active participation in committees, they have the opportunity to both influence and vote on the direction of the Alliance and our service offerings.

General Members

General Members are those organizations that are not yet ready to or do not intend to adopt CommonWell Services. Members are encouraged to participate in Alliance activities and committees, including providing input on committee discussions and proposals.

Alliance Annual Membership Dues

As CommonWell Health Alliance is a not-for-profit funded by membership fees, annual dues will be based upon an organization’s annual U.S. revenue.

In addition, those adopting and offering our services will also be required to pay applicable Certification and Service fees, as detailed in the Member Services Agreement and in the Service Adopter Agreement and Fees section below.

NPOs, Government Agencies and Providers

Annual US HIT RevenueContributor Member Annual DuesGeneral Member Annual Dues


Annual US HIT RevenueContributor Member Annual DuesGeneral Member Annual Dues
> $2B$100,000$75,000
$1B – $2B$90,000$50,000
$500M – $1B$60,000$25,000
$100M – $500M$35,000$15,000
$50M – $100M$20,000$7,500
< $50M$10,000$5,000


Annual US HIT RevenueContributor Member Annual DuesGeneral Member Annual Dues
N/AN/ANot Yet Available

Note: Dues and rates are subject to change. 

If your organization is interested in becoming a member of CommonWell Health Alliance, please submit your interest via our Contact Us form. We also encourage you to review our Bylaws and our Membership Agreement.

Service Adopter Agreement and Fees

In addition to the Alliance Membership Agreement, for Members planning to adopt and offer CommonWell Services to its clients, a Member Services Agreement (MSA) between the member company and the Alliance is required. The CommonWell Health Alliance MSA outlines what the Member obligations and terms are with regards to the core services available through the Alliance’s Service Provider.

Service Adopter fees are in addition to an Alliance Member’s annual membership dues and are only applicable to those members who offer CommonWell Services. To encourage access to Members of all sizes, the Alliance charges a fixed-rate fee for an annual subscription based upon the Member’s annual revenue. The following revenue tiers and annual subscription fees apply to Members with user-facing HIT platforms (e.g., EHRs, PHRs, etc.):

Annual US RevenueAnnual Service Adopter Fee
> $2B$2,750,000
$1B – $2B$1,250,000
$500M – $1B$750,000
$200M – $500M$500,000
$100M – $200M$250,000
$50M – $100M$125,000
$35M – $50M$50,000
$25M – $35M$40,000
$10M – $25M$30,000

Note: While the Alliance desires to provide its services at competitive prices, fees and rates are subject to change. Transaction limits may apply.

As noted in our June 25, 2019 blog “CommonWell: The End of the Beginning”, CommonWell has shared guidance regarding lowering Service Adopter fees in 2020. More details will be provided once rates are finalized.

For Members who provide interoperability services as intermediaries (e.g., HIEs, Interop-as-a-Service providers, etc.), a separate pricing schedule has been recently developed – please contact us and we will reach out to you with the details.

In addition, regardless of the type of Service Adopter (user-facing or intermediary), a one-time Certification and Onboarding fee of $50,000 will be charged for services to validate compliance with the Specification and connectivity to the Services.

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