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Overall CommonWell Resources

CommonWell and TEFCA

How will TEFCA improve interoperability?


The CommonWell Record Locator Service

Why is the CommonWell Record Locator Service important?


CommonWell Overview Flyer

High-level overview explaining the Alliance and our Service offerings.


About CommonWell: Meet Susan Video

Learn about why CommonWell was formed and what barriers we are working to overcome in health care.

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Industry and CommonWell Overview Presentation

Learn more about CommonWell Health Alliance and our efforts around Interoperability for the Common Good.


Alliance Bylaws

Provide the structure and rules for governance and operation of the Alliance.

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Membership Resources

CommonWell Membership Guide

Overview regarding becoming a CommonWell Service Adopter or General Member.


Membership Agreement

Agreement to be signed when becoming a General or Contributor member.


Services and Network Resources

CommonWell Services Demo Video

Follow Jessica’s OB story, featuring CommonWell services and traversing across 5 members’ EHRs, multiple practitioners and thousands of miles.

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Overview of CommonWell Services Flyer

Key concepts and terms used by CommonWell to help in understanding the services and use cases.


CommonWell Carequality Fact Sheet

High level overview and FAQs regarding the connection to the Carequality Framework via the CommonWell network.


Service Specifications

A detailed description of CommonWell services, how they work within workflow, and how they should be used.

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CommonWell HIMSS19 Interop Showcase Demo

Watch as seven members demo CommonWell services as they coordinate care across 10-months, three cities, two states, and providers 2,000 miles apart, just as presented on the show floor at HIMSS19.

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Practitioner and Patient Resources

Patient Benefits and Services Overview Flyer

Handout available for practitioners to provide their patients.


Patient Enrollment Poster

Poster available for practitioners to post in their practice to encourage patient enrollment.


Patient and Practitioner Benefits

Infographic available for education on benefits of practitioner use of CommonWell services.


Patient Participation Brochure

Customizable brochure for practitioners to use when educating clients regarding CommonWell participation.


Industry Efforts

Joint Document Content Work Group Whitepaper

Concise Consolidated CDA: Deploying Encounter Summary and Patient Summary Documents with Clinical Notes.


Public Comments

Periodically, CommonWell will submit comments in regards to upcoming legislation, rules or requirements.

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Archived Resources

CommonWell Journey – Year 1

Highlights and accomplishments from the Alliance’s inaugural year – 2013.

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Faces of CommonWell – 2013

Hear from some of the Alliance’s first members on why they joined the Alliance.

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Faces of CommonWell – 2015

Alliance members share why they joined the Alliance and the difference CommonWell is making.

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Introduction to CommonWell Services

Overview of the initial CommonWell core services and the industry problems the Alliance is working to solve.

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CommonWell Nationwide Footprint

See the CommonWell network growth from initial concept in 2013 to 2015 provider adoption and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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