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Carequality Connectivity

CommonWell members now can connect to the Carequality Framework via CommonWell. This marks a significant milestone on the path to achieving true nationwide health IT interoperability, advancing the vision of the Alliance to make health data available to individuals and providers regardless of where care occurs.

How the Connection Works

Connecting large health systems, clinics, specialists and many more care venues, the CommonWell-Carequality connection will offer valuable patient insights to providers as they strive to deliver the best care possible to their patients.

CommonWell, certified as a Carequality Implementer in 2018, will connect its participating members via the CommonWell network to other participating Carequality Implementers. In turn, participating CommonWell member companies can offer this service to their CommonWell-enabled provider sites, allowing them to connect and bilaterally exchange health data with Carequality-enabled health care providers to improve care coordination and delivery.

To see which CommonWell members are participating, please look for the “Connection to Carequality Available” notation on our Members page.

The Practitioner’s Perspective

“CommonWell and the integration of Carequality has been very instrumental in providing a wide-ranging picture of patients and their interactions with healthcare.  It has allowed me to quickly answer a key question I often ask patients “any recent visits to other facilities?” when rendering care to patients in urgent care. This allows me to create a comprehensive treatment plan.

It is an excellent depiction of the merger between access to information and patient care.” – Africa Dauphiney, Nurse Practitioner, Lafayette General Health

Get Connected

Interested in connecting to Carequality via CommonWell? Share your information and interest, so we can explore what options are best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions,  visit our FAQ page.

Are there any providers currently live on the CommonWell Carequality Connection?2019-08-08T19:32:06-05:00

Yes, there are hundreds of provider sites who are leveraging the CommonWell-Carequality Connection today. All current Carequality-enabled providers will automatically have the ability to exchange with CommonWell-enabled providers as they opt-in to participate in the CommonWell-Carequality Connection.

Will all CommonWell Adopters (those who are currently offering CommonWell services) be able to immediately use the connectivity?2019-08-08T19:39:26-05:00

As with any Carequality implementer, CommonWell is required to pass down terms to end users. As a member-driven organization, CommonWell is passing these terms through to its members, who in turn, offer the CommonWell-Carequality connectivity to their participating providers. On announcement of General Availability (GA) in late 2018, CommonWell Members who currently have agreed to utilize the CommonWell-Carequality Connection included Brightree, Cerner, Evident, Greenway Health and MEDITECH. To see which CommonWell members are currently participating, please look for the “Connectivity to Carequality Available” notation on our Members page.

Will participating CommonWell Adopters’ provider clients be able to immediately use the connectivity?2018-12-31T18:18:52-06:00

There are likely to be software configuration steps that would need to be completed for each Member’s clients to utilize the service and exchange data. While timeframe may vary, once those steps are completed, the CommonWell-enabled providers will be able to bi-directionally share data through directed queries with Carequality-enabled providers. For CommonWell-enabled providers, data exchanged through the CommonWell Carequality Connection will seamlessly appear alongside data received from within CommonWell.

Will all other Carequality Implementers and their clients – known as Carequality Connections – be able to immediately use the connectivity?2018-12-31T18:19:11-06:00

Current and future Carequality Connections do not need to take any special action to connect to CommonWell sites beyond their normal existing Carequality workflows to share with any other Carequality Connection.

What does General Availability mean?2018-12-31T18:17:32-06:00

General Availability (GA) means that CommonWell has completed all its necessary technological, legal and operational efforts to deem it feasible to extend the CommonWell Carequality Connection offering to its Members and their clients. In turn, participating CommonWell members will determine when they are comfortable making the CommonWell Carequality connection GA for their clients.

When will the CommonWell-Carequality connection be generally available?2018-12-31T18:17:52-06:00

The connection to Carequality via CommonWell is now generally available for deploying CommonWell members to subscribe to and, in turn, offer it to their participating providers.

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