CommonWell Members Blab About Interoperability Progress to Date

August 11, 2016|Alliance Updates, Interoperability, Members|Author: |

Recently, CommonWell member representatives Scott Stuewe (Director of the Cerner Network at Cerner and co-chair of the CommonWell Utilization Committee) and Daniel Cane (CEO and co-founder at Modernizing Medicine) participated in a HealthcareScene Blab with John Lynn. During the live webinar, they shared an update on the progress of CommonWell Health Alliance and discussed the current state of interoperability in [...]

New Member Perspective: Redox Shares View on Interoperability and CommonWell Spring Summit

May 13, 2016|Interoperability, Members|Author: |

Last week, CommonWell hosted our annual Spring Summit with more 120 attendees representing the majority of our 49 members, including representatives from our 11 newest members. One of those members – Redox – participated in the three-date Summit. Niko Skievaski, co-founder and president of Redox, shared his perspective on Tincture about both his vision of tangible interoperability as well as [...]

Brightree’s Commitment to bring Interoperability to the Post-Acute Market

February 25, 2016|Interoperability|Author: |

I’ve been known to make some bold statements as it relates to interoperable data, such as, if post-acute providers cannot share data bi-directionally in the near future with acute care and physician practice management systems, they will lose most if not all of their referral sources. Why so bold? Because it’s the truth! Now more than ever, post-acute care providers [...]

CommonWell Services: Improving the Frontlines of Interoperability

February 8, 2016|Interoperability, Services|Author: |

Like many buzz words, health care “interoperability” can have multiple meanings. For me, it’s quite simple – it’s about making our personal consumer health care interactions more like other seamless, real-time, easy experiences we have in our life. The latest video from CommonWell Health Alliance compares the CommonWell Services’ journey to create nationwide interoperability to the search engine evolution in [...]

Making it real

December 17, 2015|Alliance Updates, Interoperability|Author: |

From the beginning, CommonWell Health Alliance has always been about doing something real. Serving real care givers; with the data they really need; to care for real people. That has always been, and continues to be, our goal. It humbles me to see the great amount of work our member companies are putting forth to further our shared mission. In [...]

CommonWell is Banking on Nationwide Interoperability

October 21, 2015|Interoperability|Author: |

Many health IT industry experts have compared the evolution of health care interoperability to the banking industry, particularly in regards to the ATM network. Did you know that it took more than 50 years for Universal ATM access to be established from the time the first ATM was invented in 1939? [1] Or that multivendor software was only running on 28 [...]

Moving Closer to True Person-Centered Interoperability

April 21, 2015|Interoperability|Author: |

With the bipartisan legislation known as the 21st Century Cures Bill being drafted in the U.S. House of Representatives, which includes mandates that systems be interoperable by the end of 2017 or face reimbursement penalties, the conversation continues around how we can push interoperability forward even faster. And, that’s the right conversation. Person-centered interoperability is essential to our industry’s health reform [...]

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