We just wrapped one of our biggest events of the year. As our Director of Product recently said,

“This is our Super Bowl. So much work, love, heart, and some blood, sweat and tears go into making the CommonWell Health Alliance Annual Meeting & Fall Summit a success each year.”

After a decade of #InteropDoneRight it wasn’t lost on us that many things have changed, but one thing is still crystal clear: There is a significant amount of passion for doing the hard work to improve the status quo. Enough that you can feel it in the room.

That doesn’t mean it was all puppies and rainbows.

We shared our plans for the exciting yet challenging changes ahead as we transition to a new TEFCA-enabled network with our new Technical Service Provider, ELLKAY, and asked tough questions about the implications for clients and workflows.
We recognized the challenges that still remain with many use cases including but not limited to Individual Access Services and Healthcare Payment and Operations.
We didn’t shy away from the fact that the current TEFCA landscape forces us to reconsider how we work with our Members and supporters.
We got technical, participating in many working breakout sessions where we dove into QHIN Technical Requirements, Updating the Use Case Specification and FHIR IG, TEFCA FHIR Roadmap and Connectathon Planning.And of course, we listened to the incredibly valuable feedback we expect from our Membership at this event.CommonWell has come a long way since it was founded and that is made possible by the people who continue to show up and do the often thankless work to make interoperability – JUST work. Thank you to everyone who participated and continues to support the mission and vision of CommonWell.