Interoperability has always been a cornerstone of MEDITECH’s vision for healthcare IT. And through our partnership with CommonWell Health Alliance®, we’re pleased to be taking another large step for connectivity, by successfully deploying CommonWell interoperability services at Alliance Community Hospital (ACH) in Alliance, Ohio. As the first fully FHIR-enabled CommonWell member, MEDITECH is leveraging the Argonaut Project’s FHIR specifications to both supply and consume C-CDA documents.

These interoperability services include patient enrollment capabilities and C-CDA exchange, opening the door for more comprehensive sharing of discrete segments of data in the future, such as medication and allergy data. The Argonaut Project’s FHIR specifications work with the C-CDA exchange to provide near real-time access to participating patients’ data. Such capabilities will enable ACH to bridge gaps in care and exchange information seamlessly for improved patient care and quality outcomes.

Using this contemporary architecture underscores CommonWell and its members’ commitment to work collaboratively across the industry and improving care coordination across the nation. As a Contributor Member of CommonWell, MEDITECH can help steer connectivity initiatives in the right direction, giving care organizations access to services that reach far beyond one EHR system, one healthcare organization, and one community. With every successful deployment, our vision for universal, interoperable care becomes clearer.

Learn more about MEDITECH’s offering of CommonWell services, and how we are enabling our customers to participate in local, regional, and national exchange for better coordination of patient care.

Larry O’Toole is an Associate Vice President of Strategy at MEDITECH. His team is responsible for business development, product management, and interoperability, as well as Meaningful Use and other government initiatives.