What Summer Vacation?!? Connecting to Carequality

While families headed to the beaches, children caught fireflies and parents counted down the time until school was back in session, we at CommonWell have had a very productive summer. There are many updates we are excited to share via our blog in the coming weeks, but the most frequent question I receive is “how is the connection to Carequality going?”. And so, I thought I would provide this update first, answering that question with one word:


This is not to say that there isn’t still work to be done, but we have made significant strides over the past few months. For example:

  • CommonWell has met all Carequality requirements to move into production.
  • Cerner and Greenway Health have a handful of initial providers live on the connection, allowing us to validate and benchmark the CommonWell-Carequality Connection.
  • In just the first two weeks of a few CommonWell-enabled providers being connected, we saw more than 4,000 documents bilaterally exchanged with Carequality-enabled providers.

We are still on track to make this Generally Available to our members, and in turn, their participating providers and health care systems, by the end of summer. We know they are as excited as we are to make this next step forward in improving access to health data nationwide.

So, stay tuned. We can’t wait to share more with you.


  1. Paul Matthews

    Great news! We are looking forward to the successful completion of the initial production rollout and to the general availability to providers and health systems. Congratulations to the team!

  2. Kent Gale

    We agree at KLAS. This connection should explode the connectivity around the country and launch many more providers into using CommonWell. Way to go. We are in the process of validating the Cerner and Greenway connections through CommonWell to Carequality. I’d love to catch up. Kent


  3. Has EPIC been tested in the exchange between CommonWell and Carequality?
    We are a Meditech site and would like to ingest EPIC data.

  4. Melanie

    How can patients opt out of their information being shared through CommonWell, Carequality, etc? Patients don’t have a clue where their medical information is going these days.


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