24 08, 2021

HIMSS21: Same, Different, Next


“I survived HIMSS21.” That was the T-shirt I expected to find on every street corner of Las Vegas. Between the Delta variant surge alerts, the excruciating desert heat, and the discomfort (albeit appropriate and necessary) of all-day face masks, HIMSS21 was a game of wills at times. That being said, it also was one of the more high-touch, brain-stimulating conferences I have attended. The conversations were on point. The attendees were engaged. The topics were, well, topical. As my plane took off from Las Vegas, I reflected on the week. My internal dialog went something like this: what is different, what is the same, and what should we do next? Let’s start with: what’s the same? [...]

HIMSS21: Same, Different, Next2021-08-24T09:33:49-05:00
9 08, 2021

Where to Find CommonWell at #HIMSS21!


After a dry spell of no in-person industry events, Liz and I will soon be headed to the dry heat of Las Vegas to participate in #HIMSS21.

Where to Find CommonWell at #HIMSS21!2021-08-09T09:47:33-05:00
12 11, 2020

Keeping it Real for Our First Ever Annual Fall Summit


Last week, we hosted our first virtual Fall Summit. Hear from our Executive Director Paul Wilder on how we kept our CommonWell collaborative spirit alive and moved the needle on some game-changing work.

Keeping it Real for Our First Ever Annual Fall Summit2020-11-17T13:18:20-06:00
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