7 12, 2021

The Why Behind the Work: CommonWell Execs Get Real About Health IT


Everyone has a story for why they are involved in health IT. Some fell into it by accident. Others love the complexity and the opportunity to solve unique challenges. Read why our Executive Director and Director of Product got involved.

The Why Behind the Work: CommonWell Execs Get Real About Health IT2023-01-31T04:30:26-06:00
13 05, 2020

Nick Knowlton Discusses Interop During the COVID-19 Crisis


CommonWell Board Chairman, Nick Knowlton, recently spoke with Susan Morse of Healthcare Finance about how COVID-19 has been influencing health care and how interoperability is a significant factor in slowing the spread of this virus and future pandemics.

Nick Knowlton Discusses Interop During the COVID-19 Crisis2023-01-31T04:30:42-06:00
12 03, 2020

CommonWell Member Executives Share their Thoughts on COVID-19 and the New Data Sharing Rules


This week, CommonWell had the unique opportunity to talk with a wide variety of thought leaders during such a pivotal and tumultuous time for our industry. As such, we decided to go a bit off script and ask some of these experts about both the new CMS and ONC data exchange rules and the COVID 19 pandemic. Watch excerpts from CommonWell TV to hear what they had to say.

CommonWell Member Executives Share their Thoughts on COVID-19 and the New Data Sharing Rules2023-01-31T04:32:43-06:00
11 03, 2020

New CommonWell TV interviews with 30+ health IT industry experts now available!


One of the best things about CommonWell is the large variety of organizations that choose to come together to support the same vision and mission. Through CommonWell TV, not only are we able to underscore the importance of interoperability in increasing health data exchange, but we get an opportunity to hear the unique perspectives of many different CommonWell Service Adopters and members. Who knows? We might even learn a few new things!

New CommonWell TV interviews with 30+ health IT industry experts now available!2023-01-31T04:32:44-06:00
5 03, 2019

HIMSS19: What You Missed


On Valentine’s Day, CommonWell wrapped our sixth HIMSS conference, celebrating six years since the Alliance was formally announced at HIMSS13. Better yet, we got to share it with more than 40 of the member companies who were onsite with us this year.

HIMSS19: What You Missed2023-01-31T04:32:52-06:00
12 02, 2019

CommonWell TV: Back in Action at HIMSS19!


As HIMSS19 gets under way, so does one of our favorite parts of the show – for a fourth year, we are looking forward to once again bringing you all the action from the conference as we host CommonWell TV from the HIMSS show floor, here in Orlando, Florida. With the health care and health IT industries constantly evolving, interoperability is more important than ever for increasing health data exchange and helping to improve care coordination, the patient experience and health outcomes. This is why starting today, we’ll be interviewing various executives from more than 30 CommonWell member companies at their booths and in the Interoperability Showcase, as well as CommonWell Executive Director Jitin Asnaani to get their take on the importance of interoperability, their experiences as CommonWell members, and the role [...]

CommonWell TV: Back in Action at HIMSS19!2023-01-31T04:32:52-06:00
8 02, 2019

Where to Find CommonWell at HIMSS19!


In just a few short days, we will be back in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando kicking off what is sure to be a successful HIMSS19! As you prepare for the show and figure out which sessions you’d like to attend, which booths you plan to visit and which demonstrations you need to see, we are excited to share more details about where you can find CommonWell Health Alliance and its 30+ participating members at HIMSS19. Back in action at the HIMSS19 Interoperability Showcase This year, we’re introducing David, a 43-year-old from rural Washington who is diagnosed with high blood pressure and later suffers a stroke. Our Nationwide Coordinated Care demonstration will walk you through his care journey as he visits different practitioners, undergoes treatment at, and transfers [...]

Where to Find CommonWell at HIMSS19!2023-01-31T04:32:53-06:00
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