This week, CommonWell had the unique opportunity to talk with a wide variety of thought leaders during such a pivotal and tumultuous time for our industry. As such, we decided to go a bit off script and ask some of these experts about both the new CMS and ONC data exchange rules and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch these excerpts from CommonWell TV to hear what they had to say:


Dr. Brian Yeaman, Chief Medical Informatics Officer – ADVault

“A lot of hospitals, I think, in the near future are going to be on divert because their beds are going to be full, so patients are going to wind up in different areas that they wouldn’t commonly go to…. How are you going to take care of those folks and understand their risk factors … We need interoperability and record sharing in order to accomplish that. I think CommonWell is a big piece of that.”

Dr. Brian Anderson, Chief Clinical Lead – MITRE

“… One of the important messages we want to get out is: be in communication with your physician before you go into the doctor, have your symptoms documented. It is great if your physician is a part of CommonWell because it makes it easier for that data to be shared with hospitals that might be needing to take care of you …”

Paul Wilder, Executive Director – CommonWell Health Alliance

“… [The current COVID-19 pandemic] does really point out the importance of interoperability and making sure that we have a coordinated health care effort…. As we see providers we have never seen before, having access to that data is even more critical than it ever was before.”

CMS and ONC Data Sharing Rules

Jennifer Blumenthal, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder – OneRecord

“… At the end of the day, we are all patients so being able to get your data from one place is going to be a huge benefit …”

Chris Klomp, Chief Executive Officer – Collective Medical

“… As an individual, as a patient and for my own family, I am so excited that the recent rules finally enable a level of streamlining of data sharing to let companies focus on what they should be focused on, which is creating clinical, economic and administrative value for both providers and payers so they can provide better care to the patient …”

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