21 11, 2016

Person-Centric from the Start


As CommonWell continues to expand the services and reach of its interoperability network, the concept of a real person at the heart of different representations of a patient’s healthcare across different systems remains core to CommonWell’s mission to create a vendor-neutral platform that breaks down the technological and process barriers that currently inhibit effective health data exchange. From the onset of discussions within the CommonWell Health Alliance there was a clear requirement to conceptually connect all the instances of care to meet the goal of providing a complete picture of an individual’s healthcare in a timely fashion wherever they received care. As the service provider for CommonWell, RelayHealth helped solidify these principles and built the core services around the fundamental concepts of a person, representing the holistic individual, and a [...]

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11 08, 2016

CommonWell Members Blab About Interoperability Progress to Date


Recently, CommonWell member representatives Scott Stuewe (Director of the Cerner Network at Cerner and co-chair of the CommonWell Utilization Committee) and Daniel Cane (CEO and co-founder at Modernizing Medicine) participated in a HealthcareScene Blab with John Lynn. During the live webinar, they shared an update on the progress of CommonWell Health Alliance and discussed the current state of interoperability in health care. [Tweet this] “#CommonWell is based on the mission that patient records should be available regardless of where a patient seeks care.” – @StueweScott Highlights from the Blab include: • CommonWell has more than 50 members that specialize in care settings across the health care continuum. Less than half of those members are EHR suppliers. • 4,700 provider sites live on CommonWell Services in 50 states, Washington, D.C. and [...]

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19 05, 2016

VIDEO: Jitin Asnaani Featured on Hospitals & Health Networks |The Time is Now for Interoperability of Electronic Health Records


Check our Executive Director Jitin Asnaani’s video interview with Paul Barr of Hospitals & Health Networks from HIMSS16. In the video, Asnaani discusses progress made with regard to national deployment of CommonWell cross-vendor interoperability services both in numbers—4,400 sites live nationwide and growing weekly—and care settings—members announced in February plans to deploy to post-acute care setting. “It’s really our opening thrust of a long deployment cycle as we continue adding thousands more sites over the coming years. We started out this past year and really made a hard push, 4,400 sites is something to be very happy about, and we’re not done yet.” To watch the video and learn about the focus of CommonWell in our fourth year and beyond, visit HHNmag.com.

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13 05, 2016

New Member Perspective: Redox Shares View on Interoperability and CommonWell Spring Summit


Last week, CommonWell hosted our annual Spring Summit with more 120 attendees representing the majority of our 49 members, including representatives from our 11 newest members. One of those members – Redox – participated in the three-date Summit. Niko Skievaski, co-founder and president of Redox, shared his perspective on Tincture about both his vision of tangible interoperability as well as his first month as part of the CommonWell family. We hope you will take a minute and read about it below. Drinking from the Commons By Niko Skievaski, co-founder and president of Redox Getting to Real-World Interoperability The “Tragedy of the Commons” describes how farmers sharing common land will over-utilize it until it is useless. It’s an economic fable that illustrates the necessity of property rights and is used as [...]

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2 11, 2015

CommonWell ED Guest Blog: Electronic Health Reporter


Check our Executive Director Jitin Asnaani’s guest blog on “Transparency, Collaboration, Innovation Key to Achieving Nationwide Interoperability” posted today on Electronic Health Reporter.

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31 08, 2015

Celebrating our award-winning website!


We are humbled to share that for the second time CommonWellAlliance.org has been recognized as an award-winning website. Earlier this month, the Digital Health Awards selected our redesigned site, which launched last October, as a bronze winner in the website category.  It is an honor we share with our Digital Marketing agency Chatter Buzz Media. It is also an honor I share with all my CommonWell Marketing colleagues. Those who work to support CommonWell Health Alliance, most as volunteers from our member companies, embody the Alliance’s brand values of Partnerships, Transparency, Accountability, Inclusiveness and Integrity. This website brings those values to life. On behalf of my CommonWell colleagues, we appreciate the recognition of this collaborative effort and hope you come back often to see our latest news and updates. Jennifer [...]

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28 07, 2015

Faces of CommonWell 2015


Since our inception in 2013, CommonWell has focused on putting a face to our mission – from our fictitious cancer patient Susan taking us on the journey of how CommonWell works to our member company representatives sharing their view of why nationwide interoperability is a game changer. When we released our first Faces of CommonWell video in June 2013, we had 5 Founding Members and a vision. Today, we have 29 member companies and real world interoperability services live at provider sites across the nation. Our members’ commitment to action will soon contribute to improved health care delivery and outcomes. Check out our newest Faces of CommonWell video below.

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15 04, 2015

#GotInterop – Let CommonWell Health Alliance know!


It’s the third and final day for the Exhibition at HIMSS15. For those of you at the conference, this probably means your feet are aching, your body would like a bit more sleep and your mind is racing to figure out how you are going to make it to all the booths you have yet to see before the show ends. We at CommonWell don’t look at today as our final day to showcase our services and efforts. We look at HIMSS as a starting point, taking away the ideas we have heard, the feedback received and the excitement felt for what we are doing. We also look at it as a way to make new friends and continue to keep connected throughout the year. That is one reason why [...]

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14 04, 2015

CommonWell at HIMSS15 in Chicago


For most people in America, this week is all about ensuring you filed your taxes on time and figuring out what you are going to spend your return on, if you were lucky enough to have one. But for those of us working in health IT, this year, it is also about being in Chicago participating in HIMSS15. We at CommonWell Health Alliance love this time of year. It is where we first announced our formation two years ago, and it is where we continue to celebrate the progress we and our members have accomplished in helping to break down barriers  and solve nationwide interoperability. This year, we kicked off that celebration with our 2015 Annual General Meeting on Sunday evening. Our newly announced Executive Director Jitin Asnaani shared his [...]

CommonWell at HIMSS15 in Chicago2023-01-31T04:35:33-06:00
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