Recently, CommonWell held its first ever FHIR Connectathon, during which 11 of our Service Adopters worked together along three focused tracks to expand FHIR technology on the network. In furtherance of that incredible spirit of collaboration we welcome four new Service Adopters to the Alliance!

Let’s start with an excellent story from a longtime supporter of both interoperability and CommonWell: MEDHOST joined CommonWell as a Member back in 2016. They’ve now made the vault to Service Adopter, and we are honored to continue to partner in their journey.


For over 35 years, MEDHOST has been providing products and services to healthcare facilities nationwide to enhance patient care and operational excellence with its clinical and financial solutions and services. MEDHOST solutions also include an integrated EHR, mobile solutions, and digital patient management solutions.

As part of its future CommonWell Service offerings, MEDHOST is focused on Treatment.

Integrating the MEDHOST Enterprise and EDIS products with the CommonWell network reiterates our commitment to interoperability and quality care. We are also helping the CommonWell Alliance move to FHIR R4-based document exchange by being amongst the early adopters of this standard. The ease of access to the patient’s data will improve MEDHOST users’ ability to deliver care and drive patient satisfaction. We are excited to take our participation to the next level and look forward to continuing the collaboration.

—Rick Brown, Chief Technology Officer at MEDHOST

Next are our three additional new Service Adopters:


314e is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and has worked with 250+ Healthcare Providers and Payors since 2006. We offer a Healthcare Digital Adoption Platform (Jeeves), a Data Archive (Muspell Archive), and Health Data Interoperability & Analytics accelerators. 314e provides EHR implementation and optimization consulting, eLearning, RCM, cloud adoption, automation, and analytics.

As part of its future CommonWell Service offerings, 314e is focused on Treatment.

Cancer Insights
Cancer Insights is an oncology decision support platform that leverages AI and EHR integration to run efficient provider workflows for patient consult, enable collaborative multi-disciplinary treatment planning and extracting key oncology insights from a longitudinal clinical records.

As part of its future CommonWell Service offerings, Cancer Insights is focused on both Treatment and Patient Access.

healow® provides cloud-based Population Health and Patient Relationship Management solutions for healthcare organizations, patients and payers by offering health maintenance apps, patient self-scheduling, online and in-office check-in, individual and group telehealth visits and online payment solutions. The EHR-agnostic, cloud-based healow platform offers insight into clinical data, payer data and patient-entered data from questionnaires and wearable health trackers.

As part of its future CommonWell Service offerings, healow is focused on Treatment, Query Initiator and Patient Access.

If your organization is interested in becoming a CommonWell Service Adopter and/or Member, please check out our Membership Information page and share your interest via our Contact Form.

Jitin Asnaani serves as the CommonWell Membership Committee chair and is the former Executive Director of CommonWell.