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Post-acute care

The Need to Accelerate the Interoperability Ripple Effect in Digital Health

February 11, 2019|Deployment, HIMSS, Post-acute care, Value of Health IT|

CommonWell Health Alliance was founded on the shared belief that to drive better patient care and improve health outcomes, we need to connect as many care locations as possible across all care settings. Our vision was to unlock the full potential of healthcare IT by connecting as many other participants as possible who are committed to interoperability. Last year, we [...]

We Didn’t Start the FHIR…

February 21, 2018|FHIR, HIMSS, Post-acute care|

With sincere apologies to Billy Joel, the title for this blog is actually very accurate. We didn’t start the FHIR. Modern interoperability is all about standing on the shoulders of giants and the work that comes before you. And that is what FHIR does – it takes many good things that have impacted healthcare interoperability in a positive manner and [...]

The Post-Acute Perspective: Ensuring Seamless Communication During Transition of Care

July 29, 2014|Alliance Updates, Interoperability, Members, Post-acute care|

Mounting industry pressures have placed interoperability at the forefront of healthcare executives’ minds, affecting the clinical, financial and operational perspective of each organization. And as the industry refocuses on interoperability across the care continuum, it is ever more critical to include the post-acute care industry within the bigger healthcare picture. Post-acute care providers are increasing their use of information technology [...]

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