Mounting industry pressures have placed interoperability at the forefront of healthcare executives’ minds, affecting the clinical, financial and operational perspective of each organization. And as the industry refocuses on interoperability across the care continuum, it is ever more critical to include the post-acute care industry within the bigger healthcare picture.

Post-acute care providers are increasing their use of information technology to align more closely with acute care providers to enhance patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. In fact, studies have shown that seamless communication during the transition between acute and post-acute care can lead to benefits such as less medication errors, reduced hospital readmissions and improved patient satisfaction.

To represent the post-acute care industry’s commitment to quality patient care, Brightree is proud to join other CommonWell Health Alliance members who have invested their time and resources to solving healthcare’s challenges through this nationwide Healthcare Information Technology. As the only member solely focused on post-acute care providers, we look forward to giving the fastest growing and most diversely challenged sector of care a true voice at the table to ensure interoperability issues are addressed for providers at every stage of the care continuum.

Within our specialized industry, we understand the importance of care for each individual patient, and we stand behind the CommonWell Health Alliance’s vision to provide access to health data for individuals and providers regardless of where care occurs. Coordinated care is a key component of healthcare’s transformation, and seamless exchange of data and documentation that enables collaboration among healthcare technology providers is a fundamental challenge that must be solved.

We, at Brightree and the more than 3,000 post-acute providers we serve, believe that CommonWell Health Alliance’s approach will provide all healthcare organizations the means to share data to support true collaborative care and benefit the industry, both now and in the future.