It’s been nearly seven months since Sunquest joined CommonWell Health Alliance. I can say that as the Alliance has progressed and its members have deepened their involvement, it has been a privilege to experience and be a part of it.

Just the same as the day we joined, Sunquest is dedicated to achieving interoperability for the common good. We remain committed to improving patient safety by developing, delivering, and supporting expert software solutions that fully automate lab operations and diagnostic processes across the continuum of care. We remain committed to promoting a national infrastructure with common standards and policies and ensuring that our products have been certified to work on the national infrastructure.

Along with CommonWell and other members of the alliance, Sunquest has embarked on proof of concept pilot studies across the country. The next phase will involve even broader community involvement. Sunquest joined CommonWell Health Alliance because of the anticipated benefits that our clients will realize. The most important of these, involves the ability to improve patient care and to realize episode of care efficiencies.

Sunquest is passionate about the opportunity that we have to affect patient health around the world. The liquidity of lab results among providers that we envision as part of CommonWell will save our clients’ resources, and, more importantly, save patients’ lives. We cannot overstate the importance of true interoperability and data liquidity in the U.S. health care market.

Keith Laughman, executive vice president Community Care Solutions– Sunquest Information Systems, was elected to the CommonWell Health Alliance Board of Directors in October 2013.