I sometimes describe Human API as the Plaid or PayPal for health care data.

While these analogies may not fully hold up yet, I envision a future where humans like you and me can easily use our health data in ways that feel similar to how we can use our financial data to transact (think using PayPal for an eBay checkout or connecting your bank account to Venmo with Plaid).

A world where there’s a transparent, simple and unified way for people to access and share their health data to accelerate innovation is a world where more people can live longer, healthier lives. I built Human API to help make this new world a reality sooner.

We believe that giving people full control of their health data helps create a better, human-centered health ecosystem. Since CommonWell believes the patient should be at the center of their care, becoming a CommonWell Service Adopter was a natural step along our journey. As a middleware platform, we bring patients and companies together to facilitate health data exchange that creates mutual value. Becoming part of the CommonWell network allows us to expand the reach of our data network and provide another seamless way for patients to authorize the sharing of their health data.

And for us, it’s not only about accessing health data, but making it usable as well. That’s why we’ve built the Health Intelligence Platform—which we’re thrilled to share has recently been certified by CommonWell Health Alliance. This means our patient users will have the ability to access health data from the more than 25 healthcare organizations that are live on the CommonWell nationwide network. This is critical, because in order for our platform to connect and convert health data from electronic health records (EHRs) networks, HIEs, patient portals, medical record retrieval vendors, pharmacies, labs, wearable devices and fitness apps into actionable health intelligence, we need to be able to access health data in a unified way.

Today, we’re allowing patients to easily connect and share health data through our platform to streamline clinical trial recruitment, accelerate the life insurance shopping experience and verify their COVID-19 health status. Tomorrow, we’ll make it easier for more innovators to create new products and services with health data authorized directly by each individual human. By making the CommonWell network available to our customers, we’re one step closer to achieving our mission of creating health data liquidity that maximizes human potential and longevity everywhere.

Learn more about Human API and watch my full interview with CommonWell TV here.

Andrei Pop is based out of San Francisco Bay and is the Founder & CEO at Human API

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