On March 4, 2013, CommonWell Health Alliance launched with five founding members and a shared vision to break down barriers to health data exchange. Fast forward more than eight years later: CommonWell has more than 80 members and a nationwide network that has retrieved more than 1.5 billion records across 24,000 provider sites.

Recently, we asked a few of our members — both new and old – to reflect on why they joined CommonWell and our #InteropDoneRight effort. Their answers probably won’t surprise you, but they are a great reminder of how far we have all come together. Check it out below.

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Zus Health exists to provide a set of tools to simplify digital healthcare for our builders and CommonWell is a great tool to simplify interoperability. So, we’re thrilled to join the most successful network for sharing patient information and provide that as a core, foundational service to all of Zus’ builders.

—Evan Grossman, Zus Health

At ADVault, we believe that all health care providers should have access to the wishes and values of the people they’re treating—even if the patient is suffering a medical emergency and can’t communicate with them to express those goals of care. By partnering with CommonWell, we’re ensuring that providers at more than 85 percent of U.S. hospitals and long-term care facilities can query and retrieve advance care planning documents, like POLST and MOLST forms, for free.

—Scott Brown, ADVault

As a company that’s working to bridge siloed data and make that data work for patients, it was a natural fit. The ethos and the mission of CommonWell is amazing and we want to do our part in supporting the network and contributing back information that can be useful for the patient in the long run.

—Joy Bhosai, MD, MPH, Pluto Health

Health Gorilla’s core mission was always to empower patients and caregivers regardless of where that patient had received care in the past… I think our vision aligns with the CommonWell vision of taking interoperability, bringing it to the new era and doing it on a national scale.

—Steve Yaskin, Health Gorilla

We joined CommonWell to represent the needs of the post-acute care provider. Prior to these newer ONC regulations, there were other interoperability rules and plans that were designed to focus first and foremost on ambulatory physician practices, hospitals, health systems, etc. Post-acute was left behind in the design of a lot of that. We joined CommonWell to have a seat at the table, to drive those conversations for the post-acute sector.

—Nick Knowlton, ResMed, The Parent Company of MatrixCare & Brightree

As Liz Buckle, CommonWell Director of Product, stated in her CommonWell TV interview: “Part of the beauty of the Alliance is that we have such a wealth of knowledge and subject matter expertise within our membership that we can come together to solve difficult problems.”

If you’ve been on the fence about joining CommonWell Health Alliance, now is a great time to join us! The CommonWell Annual Meeting and 2021 Fall Summit kicks off on Nov. 8 with our annual New Member Welcome and Orientation followed by a content-packed agenda on Nov. 9-10 for both in-person and virtual attendees.

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