One of the best things about working in health IT is having a front row seat into the constantly evolving world of digital health. I have a unique appreciation, both professionally and personally, for the complex work that goes into ensuring data is available and usable to improve the patient experience.

I recently got to listen in as many valued CommonWell members and Health IT experts shared their visions for the next evolution in health IT. It is heartening to know that great things are within reach for the empowered patient.

Curious what shopping for cars has to do with health care? Or what the difference between telehealth and telehealth plus is? Check out the key takeaways below and/or watch their  CommonWell TV 2021 Interviews.

I think we will see an expansion of the ways in which we can access data. With FHIR-based exchange within our grasp, we’ll have access to either small sets of data, individual data, larger data sets, bulk data for population health, access from a mobile perspective, improved patient engagement, etc. I think with advancements with FHIR-based exchange we’ll see a wider variety of capabilities.

—Hans Buitendijk, Cerner

We are starting to really see an increase in opportunities to expand the scope of change beyond the traditional provider to provider model. We’re seeing health IT organizations have a multi-use focus where they are serving several different types of players within the space. At the forefront of this is direct patient access and also payer access to clinical data.

—Liz Buckle, CommonWell

We’re seeing the industry finally address the long tail of interoperability—meaning individual doctor’s offices are getting access, long-term care centers are getting access to data. This is when the most vulnerable among us are able to receive the value of the data moving back and forth.

—Matt Becker, Kno2

Today, using an app like OneRecord, you can access all of your data from your providers and health plans that have a FHIR API in place. Then you can create that one view, that one record. What I’m excited about is the price transparency rules. When you couple that with having all of your data, you’re going to be able to shop for your own care, much like you shop for a car.

—Jennifer Blumenthal, OneRecord

We’re starting to see a push to the consumer move up the acuity curve. Institutions like the Mayo Clinic are pushing into the home, we’re working on projects to bring imaging into the home and we’re seeing technology revolutionize the way devices are miniaturized.

—Morris Panner, Ambra Health 

Jennifer Smith, lead marketing strategist at Cerner, serves as the CommonWell Marketing Committee chair, a role she has held since the inception of CommonWell in 2013.