CPSI became a member of the CommonWell Health Alliance following its launch announcement at HIMSS13. We immediately assigned various CPSI employees in the role of working with other Alliance members from the other EMR vendors with the task of developing a seamless interoperability service. Our involvement since the launch has been a rewarding journey leading up to HIMSS15.

Immediately after HIMMS13, Alliance members had several face-to-face meetings and many more conference calls during the remainder of 2013 as a solution was developed and the Alliance became a working entity; all with volunteer support from the membership! All the hard work and dedication to the project resulted in the announcements of a Pilot Service being demonstrated in several separate geographies beginning in the 1st quarter of 2014.

CPSI participated in the North Carolina with our customer, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in Elkin, NC. We partnered with Greenway with one of the ambulatory clinics as we tested the interoperability service. By HIMMS14, the Alliance was able to demonstrate some of the success to date within the geographies.

Following HIMSS14 and further stakeholder evaluation of the Pilot, including more face-to-face meetings and more follow-up conference calls, it was time to offer the service to more of the Alliance member’s customers. CPSI has developed a deployment strategy of a structured rollout to our customers of the Alliance service. To date, we have added 10 hospitals, including the original pilot provider, to our customers utilizing the service. During our National Users Conference in April, we will share our interoperability journey with our customers and determine their interest in service adoption.

With all that said and with HIMSS15 approaching, let me share with you my perspective as the Alliance is just surpassed it’s 2 year anniversary. And my perspective comes from a former hospital CEO of 20 years who migrated to the EHR community three years ago.

  • Interoperability for the Common Good is more than a logo, it has been a common thread for all of our members since HIMSS13. This goal has kept the members together through numerous meetings and conference calls.
  • It has been refreshing to observe the EHR vendor community to come together and work so diligently and purposeful on a worthwhile project.
  • The needs of the patient and the provider have always been the overriding concern and goal.
  • Interoperability among disparate EHR vendors is hard work, but the Alliance community will offer a solution because we never let hard work overcome our goal.

CPSI looks forward to the continued success of the Alliance during HIMSS15 and beyond.


Bob Humphrey, Director, Corporate Development, CPSI & serves as a representative on the CommonWell Membership and Marketing Committees