Members and RelayHealth ‘Connect’ for the Common Good


There are twenty-seven acronyms in Margalit Gur-Arie’s “History of Healthcare Interoperability.” 27! (That’s nearly 2% of the article.) She keeps a straight face throughout the piece, but it reads almost like a parody—the interop landscape is complicated. Byzantine, even. As you know, the CommonWell Health Alliance aims to straighten this all out. Once health IT systems can communicate seamlessly with each other, healthcare providers will have easy, fast, and secure access to the clinical history for their patients, patients won’t be frustrated by filling out the same paperwork over and over, human error will be mitigated, and care will improve for everybody. With that in mind, I’m very pleased to report that we watched the national health IT ecosystem move substantially closer to that vision of real, sustainable interoperability [...]