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5 02, 2019

Puerto Rico Turns to Silicon Valley to Drive Clinical Interoperability


Since Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico over a year ago, the island has been rebuilding its healthcare infrastructure from the ground up. Federally qualified not-for-profit centers (FQHCs), such as the Puerto Rico Primary Care Association Network (PRPCAN), have played a central role in this process. In 2016, PRPCAN was established to accelerate the adoption of health information technology on the island to improve access to care and reduce costs. Many Puerto Rican healthcare facilities are still not fully operational due physician emigration to the US and physical damages from the hurricane. As a result, patients have struggled to maintain continuity throughout their care journey, and providers are too overwhelmed to comprehensively manage new cases. Clinical interoperability was widely recognized as a fundamental need for rebuilding and scaling an advanced [...]

Puerto Rico Turns to Silicon Valley to Drive Clinical Interoperability2023-01-31T04:32:54-06:00
16 11, 2018

CommonWell-Carequality Connection Now Generally Available!


Today, we at CommonWell are excited to share a milestone achievement along the path to solving for nationwide health IT interoperability: we announced the rollout of our connection to the Carequality Framework, which is now Generally Available to CommonWell members and will increase health IT connectivity nationwide. Not only do we anticipate that this increased connectivity will contribute to improvements in patient care coordination, delivery and outcomes, but we are already seeing it in action as our members and their initial pilot clients have taken the connection live and have since regularly exchanged health data. As we knock down yet another barrier to true nationwide interoperability, we consider the value this will bring to both providers and patients and recognize that this is in large part thanks to the dogged [...]

CommonWell-Carequality Connection Now Generally Available!2023-01-31T04:32:54-06:00
9 11, 2018

CommonWell Service Provider RFP Bidder Call


CommonWell Health Alliance in early December 2018 will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Service Provider for our interoperability infrastructure and services. We hosted a Bidder Call for organizations interested in learning more about the RFP on Nov. 16, 2018. A copy of the presentation shared on the Bidder Call can be found here. Download the CommonWell Health Alliance RFP Bidder Call PDF Communications and questions regarding the RFP will only be accepted through the Alliance’s RFP management process via the email inbox: Note: The email inbox will be open upon release of the RFP in early December and not before.

CommonWell Service Provider RFP Bidder Call2023-01-31T04:32:55-06:00
7 11, 2018

Welcome to our Newest CommonWell Members!


Today, CommonWell kicks off our 6th Annual Meeting and Fall Summit with our New Member Welcome. These six newest members, representing large health systems, non-profits and software providers, continue to expand and enhance our Alliance. Even as we grow to be an 80+ member organization, CommonWell continues to feel like a close-knit network of colleagues working together to improve the accessibility and sharing of health data to improve clinical outcomes. As we walk into a CommonWell event like the Summit this week, we figuratively leave our company badges at the door. Our goals become one, and our industry is better off because of it. I am excited to introduce our newest members to this unique culture. Please join me in welcoming our newest Members: DirectTrust DirectTrust is committed to fostering [...]

Welcome to our Newest CommonWell Members!2023-01-31T04:32:55-06:00
2 08, 2018

What Summer Vacation?!? Connecting to Carequality


While families headed to the beaches, children caught fireflies and parents counted down the time until school was back in session, we at CommonWell have had a very productive summer. There are many updates we are excited to share via our blog in the coming weeks, but the most frequent question I receive is “how is the connection to Carequality going?”. And so, I thought I would provide this update first, answering that question with one word: Great! This is not to say that there isn’t still work to be done, but we have made significant strides over the past few months. For example: CommonWell has met all Carequality requirements to move into production. Cerner and Greenway Health have a handful of initial providers live on the connection, allowing us [...]

What Summer Vacation?!? Connecting to Carequality2023-01-31T04:32:55-06:00
28 06, 2018

Advancing Exchange, Driving Change


Interoperability has always been a cornerstone of MEDITECH’s vision for healthcare IT. And through our partnership with CommonWell Health Alliance®, we’re pleased to be taking another large step for connectivity, by successfully deploying CommonWell interoperability services at Alliance Community Hospital (ACH) in Alliance, Ohio. As the first fully FHIR-enabled CommonWell member, MEDITECH is leveraging the Argonaut Project’s FHIR specifications to both supply and consume C-CDA documents. These interoperability services include patient enrollment capabilities and C-CDA exchange, opening the door for more comprehensive sharing of discrete segments of data in the future, such as medication and allergy data. The Argonaut Project's FHIR specifications work with the C-CDA exchange to provide near real-time access to participating patients’ data. Such capabilities will enable ACH to bridge gaps in care and exchange information seamlessly [...]

Advancing Exchange, Driving Change2023-01-31T04:32:56-06:00
27 06, 2018

Welcome to our Newest CommonWell Members!


Since the beginning, CommonWell has had a clear vision that health data should be available to individuals and providers regardless of where care occurs. Our three newest General Members share this mission, focusing on provider access to health data and improving the delivery of care where it is needed most. Please join me in welcoming our newest CommonWell Health Alliance Members: Aledade Aledade offers a new model of primary care that puts physicians back where they should be: quarterbacking their patients’ health care. Aledade currently partners with nearly 300 independent practices to lead 20 Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that allow these primary care doctors to thrive in the new value-based world Care Continuity Care Continuity is a care coordination solutions provider working with hospital systems to help navigate patient journeys across [...]

Welcome to our Newest CommonWell Members!2023-01-31T04:32:56-06:00
9 05, 2018

2018 Spring Technology Retreat: Building our Future Together


Each year, several members of the CommonWell Health Alliance technology-oriented committees [Use Case, Standards Technology and Integration Group (STIG), Deployment and Utilization, and Privacy and Security] take part in our Spring Technology Retreat. This year, more than 50 of us came together at MEDITECH in Foxborough, Massachusetts, to share knowledge, learn from one another and collaborate in a meaningful way to advance interoperability as an Alliance. As leaders of the STIG, Deployment and Utilization, and Use Case committees, we especially look forward to this retreat because of the invaluable opportunity it offers for us to sit down with our peers to share opportunities and triumphs of our interoperability efforts while working through solutions together. In our committee working sessions, and as a greater group, we traversed many subject areas over [...]

2018 Spring Technology Retreat: Building our Future Together2023-01-31T04:32:56-06:00
5 03, 2018

Nationwide Care Transitions: Empowering the Provider, Empowering the Patient


More than 2.5 million passengers fly domestically in the US every day. How many of those people do you think remember to bring their health records with them in case of emergency? While I don’t know of any source tracking that statistic, my personal experience would lend me to believe it is very few. This time of year, it feels like even more people are traveling - holidays, business trips, a welcome escape from this brutal winter. And it also feels like this time of year is when most people come down with a cold, flu or something worse that requires them to seek medical attention. What happens when those two collide – when you are sick or injured while traveling far from home? Most likely you feel out of [...]

Nationwide Care Transitions: Empowering the Provider, Empowering the Patient2023-01-31T04:32:58-06:00
1 03, 2018

2018 Update: The Power of Many


Sometimes I forget that I am the only full-time employee of the Alliance. You can easily see why that is if you read any of our most recent blogs. CommonWell is a community effort, and our members are also our leaders, our innovators and our biggest advocates: Morgan Knochel from one of our newest subscribers – OneRecord – shared her personal journey through the health care system as she became her own patient advocate and ultimately benefited by being one of the first patients to access her health records via CommonWell. MEDITECH, Brightree and Change Healthcare wrote about their leadership in building and leveraging FHIR in their software to exchange data through CommonWell. Nick Knowlton, our membership chair for the past four years and a past and current executive at [...]

2018 Update: The Power of Many2023-01-31T04:32:58-06:00
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