The Future of Interoperability is at CommonWell Today

The TEFCA roadmap builds on the framework CommonWell has already successfully developed and delivered to the market nationwide.

What is TEFCA and Why CommonWell is Ready for it

The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) aims to create a national backbone of organizations with record location capabilities, called Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINs) that will connect to each other to improve nationwide data exchange. Companies looking to connect to the nationwide network proposed by TEFCA will have the opportunity to join one of these accredited QHINs. CommonWell will be one of them.

CommonWell has been building and scaling a nationwide health data exchange network using a highly-efficient Record Locator Service since 2013.

With its 70+ member companies, and working closely with the ONC, CommonWell is more than prepared to seamlessly transition to QHIN status and make TEFCA a success.

What Sets CommonWell Apart: It has QHIN Capabilities Today

Whether you are looking to choose a QHIN or simply join the Alliance at the center of nationwide interoperability, CommonWell meets your needs.
The numbers speak for themselves. With 27,000 provider orgs connected, more than 171 million unique individuals served and more than 2.6 billion records retrieved on the network—the scale at CommonWell is unmatched.

Uniquely Qualified

The architectural concept espoused by TEFCA build on the approach that the Alliance has already successfully delivered to the market nationwide. Meet Susan to learn how.

Diverse Membership

Our diverse membership–which represents more than 20 care settings–illustrates proof of concept that TEFCA works and it works NOW!

Record Locator Service + Scale

Our a currently functioning “Record Locator Service”, or RLS, finds all records associated with a patient, no matter where the care is delivered.

Commitment to Innovation

Our commitment to serving a broad scope of interoperability needs. Use Cases include treatment, patient access and payment & operations.

Community Building

Our proven record of community-building contributes to industry momentum and innovation. Read about our recent FHIR Connectathon to get inspired.

Vendor Neutral

The nation’s only vendor-neutral trade alliance focused on interoperability for the common good. Learn more about the Alliance.

What Supporters are Saying

July 29, 2022

“We’ve looked forward to better and more reliable frameworks for exchange of information for a long time. We are encouraged this is moving forward, but we also have questions and we are working with our Alliance partners to ensure that the best intent of our clients, constituents and the people who will be impacted by these laws are honored as we move forward.”
Sam Lambson, Vice President, Interoperability, Oracle Cerner