CommonWell Health Alliance Specification

The CommonWell Health Alliance specification is presented in two parts: Part 1 – Services and Part 2 – Use Cases.


The Services portion of the specification provides a detailed technical description of CommonWell services, how they work within workflow and how they should be used. Information on the core services, specifically the patient identification and linking service, record locator service and data broker service, is included.

Use Cases

The Use Cases portion of the specification explains the specific actions that can be completed with the CommonWell services and how the services are used by our members and end users. This document speaks to what the CommonWell services help solve for individuals, care team members and organizations.

License and Policies

If you are interested in learning more about how to utilize this specification and connect to the CommonWell network, contact us here.

Specification License

The CommonWell Health Alliance Specification (hereinafter the “Specification” or “specification”) is comprised of Services and Use Cases, collectively the “specification”, and defines the approved specifications and detailed technical and interoperability requirements for a compliant implementation of the services offered by the Alliance, that may be consumed by healthcare information system providers for the purpose of exchanging healthcare information over the internet. These documents are shared under the following license.

Policies and Agreements

The CommonWell membership agreements, end user license agreement (EULA), and associated policies form the trust framework for the exchange of data within CommonWell and with external framework such as TEFCA and Carequality.