With just a few clicks of the mouse, health care providers—from single-physician offices to multi-hospital systems – can now share patient data seamlessly between institutions, among regions and across state lines.


We are live nationwide and expanding every day! To see where providers currently are using or will soon be using CommonWell Services, click on any of the dots below or filter by the status and/or category listed. You can also take a look back to see how our National Footprint has progressed from Initial Concept to today.

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At CommonWell Health Alliance, we believe that health IT must be inherently interoperable. We are working to ensure patient data can be securely, efficiently and accurately shared nationwide. Without the ability to access all of a person’s health care records, providers struggle to deliver the best care possible. Leveraging our member companies’ experience and working together with our clients, we have applied advanced technology to solve some of the greatest challenges of interoperability – patient matching, siloed data access and multiple interfaces. Together, we are developing and delivering the barrier-breaking technologies providers need to provide the best possible care for their patients, in turn, improving organizations’ fiscal and clinical outcomes.


In addition to helping reform health IT, as a provider with CommonWell you will receive:

  • Trusted data access
  • Coordinated patient care
  • Better decision making
  • Reduced overall costs


Play your part in bringing about the future of improved patient care. Contact your Electronic Heath Records (EHR) or other eHealth vendors and urge them to join CommonWell. We’re eager for you to help us on our mission to provide connected care to everyone.

For additional information, please visit our FAQs page.


  • When the CommonWell record came up, it showed that not only was the patient allergic to codeine, but all opiates. We look at it as a rehospitalization averted and an allergy averted.

    - Johnathan Bangerter, Director, Rocky Mountain Care
  • I think CommonWell is a great tool to lower the cost of healthcare by reducing the duplication of tests.

    - Sonia Baker, RHIA, Clinical Informatics Coordinator, Rush Memorial Hospital
  • We are all about the interoperability of CommonWell because it allows us to better support the people in our community.

    - Charles Palmer, CIO, Nanticoke Health Services
  • The clinical staff has really appreciated the fact that we’ve got that additional support to provide information direct about the patient. In the way it is built in our EMR, there is a reconcile process where they can bring that into the EMR and it is not that far removed from their typical workflow, and they appreciate that it eases them into the change.

    - Cullen Linn, Sr. Interoperability Architect, Northern Arizona Health
  • [Using CommonWell Services,] it’s been very easy to go out and query a patient, verify that we have the correct patient, and then bring that information into our system through the import document, and it becomes immediately available. We have not seen a learning curve on training for that capability.

    - Nancy Brown, Practice Administrator, The Veranda Medical Center
  • We should have overcome these interoperability challenges years ago. It’s the right thing to do for the patients. The cool thing about [CommonWell is] it's presented in the context of what the provider is used to seeing for that system.

    - William “Tripp” Jennings, M.D., System Vice President, Medical Informatics Office - Palmetto Health