Feb. 20, 2020–Replete® is proud to announce its launch into the health-tech market with a first-of-its-kind mobile application that will allow consumers to access their health data, including electronic health records, lab tests results and vaccination and immunization records, as well as help consumers track and maintain their health goals. The app features cutting edge artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning that will detect the decline of clinical efficacy of any treatment/medications based on a consumer’s feelings and nudge them and their physician to act upon the health changes.

Allowing consumers to access their health data can only be possible if they are securely verified. As such, Replete has worked with a credit rating agency to build an ID Verification solution that protects and allows health records to be available to the public through their consumer’s mobile device application. Replete’s ID resolution will help people have better, faster access to their clinical data while keeping the information protected and secure. The verification of personal and digital data, along with authentication services will be a huge benefit to all those that require daily access to their clinical data securely.

Without access to both consumers health data via their clinicians, as well as a way to identify and connect the patient to their disparate health records at provider sites across the county, the value of the app would be challenging. As such, Replete became a member and service adopter of CommonWell Health Alliance®, a not-for-profit trade association devoted to the simple vision that health data should be available to individuals and caregivers regardless of where care occurs. Through the CommonWell nationwide network, Replete has a potential consumer base of more than 76 million individuals. In addition, its consumers will have access to clinical data at more than 15,000 participating provider sites within the rapidly growing CommonWell network.

“Our commitment to drive nationwide health data exchange has always been centered around the needs of the patient,” said Paul Wilder, CommonWell Health Alliance Executive Director. “By working with organizations like Replete, we can empower individuals to have more control over their health care experience while also giving clinicians additional tools to improve care coordination.”

Replete’s approach is unique because their application introduces a four-tier system experience for each user:

  • The self-nudge – User decides which health trackers they would like to be reminded of, ranging from tracking sleep duration to smoking less and many more.
  • The physician nudge – Communication between physician and patient are streamlined by enabling physicians to keep track of their patients and the health data provided by Replete, helping encourage patients toward healthy goals.
  • Machine-learning-driven news – Replete takes all available health data and curates news for users that relate to their specific medical conditions and interests. When users open the news feature, there will be up-to-date news, trends and treatments that emerge in the market.
  • A.I.-driven nudge – By tracking an individual’s data, Replete’s powerful A.I. can determine the clinical decline of a patient’s medications and signal both the patient and their physician to act.

Replete is now live for the general public on two use cases:

  • For Providers: Replete is working with providers to connect to the Replete network, allowing them to not only get additional details on their participating patients, but also monitor those patients’ behaviors.
  • For Patients: Additionally, after successful ID verification, individuals can leverage the Replete Health app to directly download their personal health data to their mobile phone.

“There is a huge potential in making positive social change that will move people towards learning about and taking control over their health,” said Venkat Timmaraju, founder and CEO of Replete. “We have worked very hard over the last three years to bring Replete to life, with a single goal of allowing the general public to securely access their own medical data and manage their health.”

To make it accessible to everyone, Replete is completely free to use for the general public as well as providers. Consumers can find out more details, including checking whether their provider is connected via Replete, at https://search.repletehealth.com/.

About Replete

Replete aims to revolutionize the mobile health tech industry with its launch in 2019. The application is positioned to lead healthcare as innovators in preventative care by providing access to healthcare records, and seamless communication between users and physicians through IOS/ANDROID platforms. Learn more at: www.repletehealth.com. instagram: @repletehealth twitter: repletehealth facebook: rhnudge

About CommonWell Health Alliance

CommonWell Health Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association of health care and technology organizations working together to create universal access to health data nationwide. CommonWell members represent more than 20 care settings, including market leaders and technology innovators in acute, ambulatory and post-acute care, patient portals, imaging, population health, emergency services and more. CommonWell and its members are committed to the belief that provider access to health data must be built into information technologies at a reasonable cost for use by a broad range of health care providers and the populations and people they serve.

To learn more about CommonWell Health Alliance, visit https://www.commonwellalliance.org/. Engage with CommonWell on our blog, as well as through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using the handle, @CommonWell. CommonWell Health Alliance® and the CommonWell Logo are registered trademarks of CommonWell Health Alliance Inc.


Venkat Timmaraju, Replete Founder and CEO

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