We were pleased to be part of preliminary efforts to get here through the Common Agreement Workgroup where we worked with peers and partners alongside Sequoia and the ONC towards development of the formative documents for TEFCA which included development of this QHIN Application. As such, we were not surprised by the content of the application and appreciate the consistency throughout the process as well as the changes made along the way to make the process productive for applicants and Sequoia as it evaluates submissions.

We eagerly await the publishing and opportunity to comment on the remainder of the schedules and attachments to the Common Agreement as well as the QTF (QHIN Technical Framework) and are here to help in any way we can.

We strongly encourage Sequoia to maintain the published release schedule for the remaining content and the submission process so CommonWell and the others in the first cohort of QHINs can soon submit applications, obtain conditional approval and start the process building of TEFCA together this year.

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