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Value of Health IT

The National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Visits Beebe

January 13, 2017|Interoperability, Providers, Value of Health IT|

Reposted with the permission of Beebe Healthcare. Original blog post can be found here. Beebe Healthcare hosted Dr. Vindell Washington, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, on Thursday, January 12. Beebe Healthcare, along with our friends from Nanticoke Health Services in Seaford, demonstrated the pioneering work we have accomplished in the use of CommonWell. CommonWell allows for providers and [...]

Person-Centric from the Start

November 21, 2016|Interoperability, Patients, Services, Value of Health IT|

As CommonWell continues to expand the services and reach of its interoperability network, the concept of a real person at the heart of different representations of a patient’s healthcare across different systems remains core to CommonWell’s mission to create a vendor-neutral platform that breaks down the technological and process barriers that currently inhibit effective health data exchange. From the onset [...]

All a Buzz About Our First Anniversary at HIMSS …

February 18, 2014|HIMSS, Members, Value of Health IT|

Since CommonWell Health Alliance took the stage the first day of HIMSS last year to announce our vendor-led collaboration around seamless interoperability, we have been repeatedly asked – what can you do at HIMSS14 that will exceed the buzz you generated in 2013? Our answer has always been the same. Prove it works. And that is exactly what we intend [...]

What Interoperability and CommonWell Mean for Rural Health Providers

February 4, 2014|Interoperability, Members, Value of Health IT|

Our presence in 48 states, and the community hospitals and providers we serve, made the goal of seamless EHR interoperability a top priority for CPSI. The emergence of CommonWell Health Alliance answered the urgent need for patient information exchange and was the driving force in our becoming a member in 2013. Many of CPSI’s customers are located in a rural [...]

Finding Gratification Through My Work with CommonWell

January 21, 2014|Alliance Updates, Value of Health IT|

I have always found enormous value in what I do at work. For nearly 15 years, I have been in the connectivity business and have seen the benefits a connected health care ecosystem can provide communities, providers and patients. At Cerner, we have been providing health care solutions for our clients on how to better capture, access and apply health [...]

Members and RelayHealth ‘Connect’ for the Common Good

December 4, 2013|Alliance Updates, Connectathon, Interoperability, Members, Value of Health IT|

There are twenty-seven acronyms in Margalit Gur-Arie’s “History of Healthcare Interoperability.” 27! (That’s nearly 2% of the article.) She keeps a straight face throughout the piece, but it reads almost like a parody—the interop landscape is complicated. Byzantine, even. As you know, the CommonWell Health Alliance aims to straighten this all out. Once health IT systems can communicate seamlessly with [...]

The Value of Health IT

September 17, 2013|Interoperability, Value of Health IT|

As an Alliance of health IT suppliers, it is probably pretty obvious that we see tremendous value in the use of IT solutions in the health care system. We have all seen firsthand the benefits an electronic system can deliver for providers, patients, payers, pharmacists, laboratories and the like. And the introduction of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [...]

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