HIMSS23 is right around the corner! As we prepare, we’re very much in a state of “controlled chaos” that will soon shift into sheer excitement and adrenaline. While the day-to-day hustle and bustle of HIMSS can be exhausting, seeing friends and colleagues in person while being reminded of why we do what we do also has a unique recharging capability.

Whether you are a HIMSS newbie or a long-time participant, check out a few memes of what’s to come. Tweet us with your favorite or share a new one @CommonWell.

The moment you realize all that remote working really did a number on your business professional outfits…

That moment you step onto the exhibit floor for the first time.

The energy level on day one.

When you are legitimately impressed by the number of badges your new bestie has.

The moment you are desperate to find a quiet corner for some solo time (when you know, you know).

Nonchalantly looking for a familiar face on the HIMSS shuttle bus…

When you try to go to ALL of the HIMSS parties and forget to hydrate.

The energy level on the last day (err, like the third day).

Can’t wait to see you in Chicago!