CommonWell at HIMSS17 – Know Before You Go

February 17, 2017|HIMSS|

Hello from sunny Orlando! Home of Disney World, the Harry Potter Experience at Universal and the HIMSS17 conference, all of which given me a twinge of awe and amazement when I walk through the gates/doors (and each of which always leave my feet hurting at the end of the day). This year at HIMSS, I am contemplating wearing sneakers versus [...]

Live Demonstrations of CommonWell Services at the HIMSS 17 Interoperability Showcase

February 16, 2017|HIMSS, Interoperability|

Every you time you visit your health care provider, you mostly likely are faced with the daunting task of recalling your medical history – from yesterday to birth, in some cases. You fill out paper forms. You lug medical records from office to office. Or perhaps you decide it is too much work and just don’t share your clinical history. [...]

HIMSS16 in the books

March 8, 2016|HIMSS|

Wow! It hardly seems possible that it was just a week ago when we were hosting our 4th consecutive booth at HIMSS. It was a packed four days, filled with networking, education and celebration. This year, we had 21 of our 40+ member companies participating at HIMSS. As you can see, they were proud to display their CommonWell membership, with [...]

CommonWell TV Launches Today

March 1, 2016|Alliance Updates, HIMSS|

Can’t make it to HIMSS16 in Vegas? No problem. CommonWell is taking you directly to the show floor via CommonWell TV. We have booked interviews on the half hour with different executives from 18 of CommonWell exhibiting member companies, as well as CommonWell Executive Director Jitin Asnaani. We’ll be filming at their booths and asking them the questions you can’t. [...]

CommonWell Kicks off at HIMSS16 in Vegas!

February 29, 2016|HIMSS|

Hello from Vegas! HIMSS always feels like the beginning of a New Year to me. Since CommonWell first announced our formation at HIMSS 13 in New Orleans, it has become our tradition to use it as an opportunity to celebrate the past year’s successes, report on our progress and share our future plans. It is also a time to connect [...]

CommonWell at HIMSS15 in Chicago

April 14, 2015|HIMSS|

For most people in America, this week is all about ensuring you filed your taxes on time and figuring out what you are going to spend your return on, if you were lucky enough to have one. But for those of us working in health IT, this year, it is also about being in Chicago participating in HIMSS15. We at [...]

A Vision Turned into Reality: Real World Provider Examples

March 6, 2014|Alliance Updates, HIMSS, Members|

Nothing is quite so pleasant in the world of Health IT than seeing an idea you have worked on brought to life to help providers and patients improve healthcare. In May 2012, Dr. David McCallie emailed me with an idea he had been thinking about since a Bi-Partisan Center meeting raised the critical issue of patient linking across settings, just [...]

HIMSS14: A Picture Perfect Week

February 28, 2014|HIMSS, Interoperability, Members|

This week on the HIMSS Exhibition floor, one of my former colleagues who swung by the CommonWell Health Alliance booth said to me "HIMSS is like a family reunion." That is so true. You reunite people you haven't seen in years. You meet new friends who are connected to someone you know. And you share stories as you catch up [...]

The Faces for Interoperability: Building consensus to break down silos to deliver high quality care

February 25, 2014|HIMSS, Interoperability|

Everyone has a story when it comes to the complexity of the health care system. Especially when it comes to accessing and connecting health records. But what good is a great story, if you don’t have someone to share it with. That’s why we launched the Faces for Interoperability effort (aka #ForInterop). Through social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook [...]

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