During CommonWell TV 2022, we took a page from the U.S. Health & Human Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and asked our members to speculate on the future of interoperability by asking them to finish this statement:

Because of interop, by 2030…

Read below for their reactions and watch this year’s CommonWell TV videos here.

Personalized medicine will improve to a significant extent. Remote patient monitoring will take off to a different level. Patient ownership of data and understanding will increase therefore there will be a huge influx of solutions that allow people to use and improve their health by 2030.

—Venkat Timmaraju, Founder & CEO, Oprable

What’s more important is not what will happen but what should happen. In the next eight years, I would like to think that patients and provider organizations should have an expectation that health information is just fundamentally available when they are looking for it and that there isn’t a question of whether or not they would use it. It is always used.

—Scott Stuewe, President & CEO, DirectTrust

The care in health care is going to get much better. It’s going to be about making data available at the point of care, enabling efficiencies in patient care and just as importantly—decision making for the providers.

—GP Singh, Vice President of Interoperability Solutions, ELLKAY

The cost curve will bend and poor outcomes tied to siloed systems will be a thing of the past. What CommonWell is doing and what interoperability will help us do is to bend that curve. The ability to have past clinical documents to drive future care plans will have direct implications on care outcomes.

—Navin Gupta, Senior Vice President, Home and Hospice Division, MatrixCare

To me, innovation becomes possible when you get the core infrastructure right.

—Scott Afzal, President, Audacious Inquiry

Hopefully, we never say the word again! I hope interoperability is a term that goes away. Understanding the right information at the right place and right time so providers can do their art – interoperability is the answer to that. In 2030, I hope we are no longer discussing it.

—Jon Elwell, CEO, Kno2

For us, it’s about consumer experience innovation. We have to ask this question: why is interop important to begin with? It’s not a goal unto itself, it’s rather what type of experiences that unlocks for consumers. We also know making these tools and these data liquid is going to dramatically change the landscape and enable innovators to build the next generation of products using data.

—Andrei Pop, Founder & CEO, Human API