CommonWell FHIR-ing out API requests to MEDITECH


As Brightree shared in the previous blog, FHIR offers many advantages over legacy standards and for that reason, MEDITECH is certifying to be CommonWell’s first fully FHIR enabled member; both supplying and consuming C-CDA documents via FHIR APIs. We have opted to certify using RESTful FHIR APIs for ease, speed, and future-proofing. Because FHIR specifies modern file formats like JSON, which pass along their attribute names, developers don’t have to worry about the hierarchy of the data — it can be transferred and received in any order. It also means information can be inspected. A developer can see what information is present and what is missing, so you’ll never mistake a seven-digit ID number for a phone number. A further benefit is that because FHIR is based on common internet [...]