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19 07, 2017

Remembering Neal Patterson


Last Thursday, a great man and health IT visionary was laid to rest. The cofounder of Cerner, Neal Patterson worked every day over the last four decades to improve the delivery of health care. One of his greatest passions was to remove the barriers to health data exchange. And as such, Neal was one of the first and biggest champions of CommonWell Health Alliance. When Farzad Mostashari, former National Coordinator for Health IT, discussed the subject in May 2012 at a Bipartisan Coalition meeting, noting that the federal government was legally constrained from implementing an official “National Patient Identifier,” he challenged the group with “you need to solve this problem yourselves.” We took that challenge seriously. Neal was one of the first leaders we talked to about creating an alliance [...]

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21 04, 2015

Moving Closer to True Person-Centered Interoperability


With the bipartisan legislation known as the 21st Century Cures Bill being drafted in the U.S. House of Representatives, which includes mandates that systems be interoperable by the end of 2017 or face reimbursement penalties, the conversation continues around how we can push interoperability forward even faster. And, that’s the right conversation. Person-centered interoperability is essential to our industry’s health reform transformation because data is driving value-based arrangements for care. As information becomes readily available when and where it’s needed, organizations can facilitate care coordination, drive physician alignment, reduce administrative complexity and engage patients in their care to ultimately accomplish population health. To make the conversation meaningful and productive, I think it’s instructive to define what true interoperability is and what it is not. Interoperability is not intra-operability that shares data only [...]

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6 03, 2014

A Vision Turned into Reality: Real World Provider Examples


Nothing is quite so pleasant in the world of Health IT than seeing an idea you have worked on brought to life to help providers and patients improve healthcare. In May 2012, Dr. David McCallie emailed me with an idea he had been thinking about since a Bi-Partisan Center meeting raised the critical issue of patient linking across settings, just as I had been about to email him about the same idea. Between that time and HIMSS13, we conceived of the key ideas that eventually became the core CommonWell Health Alliance services: patient matching, patient linking and link management, authorization and consent, record locator services and data access brokering. But it takes more than an idea to improve care, and a much larger team worked between HIMSS13 and HIMSS14 on [...]

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