Membership Information

Thanks for considering a membership with the CommonWell Health Alliance!

Who we are

The CommonWell Health Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association open to health IT suppliers and others devoted to the simple notion that:

  • Health data should be available to individuals and providers regardless of where care occurs and
  • Providers’ access to this data must be built-in to health IT at a reasonable cost for use by a broad range of health care providers and the people they serve.

If you are nodding your head in agreement, than we hope you will consider joining us as a member of our vendor-initiated and -led Alliance.

If you have been following us, you know we recently launched our service offering in a number of geographies across the US. As such, our founding members’ efforts are primarily focused on ensuring our communities, providers and patients are getting the stellar service we are committed to implementing. That being said, we are looking to quickly engage new members and expand our membership.

Membership Opportunities and Benefits

Starting in July 2014, we will be offering two primary membership opportunities: Contributing and General Members.

Contributor Membership

Contributing Members are the foundation for the Alliance. This membership level, which includes the seven Founding members, provides the guidance and direction for the Alliance. Contributing member’s participation allows you to quickly receive access to and benefits of CommonWell’s standards and services as they become available.


  • Plan to support the design, development and application of technology that would implement and comply with CommonWell specifications


  • Eligible to Chair, be a member of and vote in Committees and Working Groups
  • Right to be nominated and voted onto the Board of Directors, when additional Board seats become available
  • Ability to participate and vote on substantive issues, policy matters and official positions within the respective Committees prior to final adoption by the Board
  • All benefits given to General Members

General Membership
General Members play a vital role in the CommonWell Health Alliance. At this level, members have the opportunity to propose revisions or proposals for specifications, test suites and design guidelines of the Alliance.


  • May attend and participate in (but not have a voting role) Committees and Working Groups
  • Have the right to submit proposed revisions or proposals for specifications, test suites, and design guidelines of the Alliance
  • Have access to generally available technical support with regard to any then-supported Specification, test suite, and design guideline of the Alliance
  • Have access to generally available support documentation and materials concerning any then-supported Specifications, test suite, and design guidelines of the Alliance
  • License rights as specified in the Membership Agreement or as otherwise specified by the BOD

Membership Dues

As we are a not-for-profit funded by our membership fees, membership dues will be based upon an organization’s annual US revenue. For more information on dues, please complete our membership application online form.

How to Apply

We encourage you to review our membership agreement, and if you are still interested in becoming a Contributor or General Member of CommonWell Health Alliance, please complete our membership application online form.