Why CommonWell Health Alliance

Interoperability for the Common Good

We understand that in order for health IT to work, it must be inherently interoperable.

Today, our industry is fragmented and health data is siloed. Many have tried to improve data access to advance the delivery of care. Now is the time for the health care industry to take the lead and move beyond simply recognizing the issue.

Together, with our member companies, provider organizations and service provider, CommonWell is taking bold action to drive forward ubiquitous interoperability.  We are developing and offering services that are embedded natively in vendors’ own software, not bolted on as an afterthought. These services go beyond just one system, one organization or one community; they can connect nationwide.

CommonWell is committed to helping solve the longstanding problem of interoperability in the health care industry. We welcome all organizations – suppliers, providers, health-focused associations – who share in this vision to join us in banding together for Interoperability for the Common Good.

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Becoming a member

Does your organization strive to help make health data interoperable and improve the delivery of care for providers and the people they serve? Find out how you can join the Alliance and help achieve Interoperability for the Common Good.
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Health Care Provider

Participating as a provider

Are you a health care provider interested in leveraging CommonWell services? Find out where we are today and how CommonWell can benefit your organization and the people you serve.

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  • CommonWell Health Alliance Welcomes Executive DirectorMarch 25, 2015

    After conducting a national search, CommonWell Health Alliance (the "Alliance") today announced its first-ever executive director, Jitin Asnaani. In its search for the Founding Executive Director, the Board sought a candidate who could build on the current CommonWell momentum in nationwide data exchange. “Jitin has been instrumental in the CommonWell Health Alliance since its founding,”…

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  • CommonWell Health Alliance and its Members Move Forward with Nationwide Expansion of ServicesNovember 19, 2014

    CommonWell Health Alliance today announced it has entered a new phase of its effort to advance health information technology (HIT) interoperability, extending the availability of its services and exploring additional opportunities for nationwide expansion. Members will now have the option to enter into service agreements with CommonWell that open the door for a broader range…

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  • CommonWell Takes Next Step in Journey to Promote HIT Interoperability, Expanding Membership Opportunities and Welcoming New MembersJuly 1, 2014

    CommonWell Health Alliance (the "Alliance"), today announced it is moving into an important new phase of its effort to advance health information technology (HIT) interoperability, expanding membership opportunities and welcoming new members Brightree and MacPractice as contributing members of the not-for-profit trade association. “When CommonWell was created in 2013, we wanted to ensure our members…

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  • A New EraMarch 25, 2015

    After decades of churn, burn, progress and regress, the forces of technology and business are slowly but surely zeroing in on what should have been obvious in the first place: health and care need to be centered around the Person. When a patient or a provider wants to know the patient’s health and care history,…

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  • Welcome to Our First New Members in 2015March 20, 2015

    As the chair of the membership committee, I spend a great deal of my time talking with HIT suppliers. What is exciting to me is how many vendors across different HIT segments believe in our mission to break down the barriers to enable a nationwide health data exchange. I’m excited to share with you our…

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  • CommonWell Health Alliance and CPSIMarch 18, 2015

    CPSI became a member of the CommonWell Health Alliance following its launch announcement at HIMSS13. We immediately assigned various CPSI employees in the role of working with other Alliance members from the other EMR vendors with the task of developing a seamless interoperability service. Our involvement since the launch has been a rewarding journey leading…

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